Cupples 7

The Cupples Warehouse District was originally a group of 20 commercial buildings just south of the downtown St. Louis Central Business District. The complex was developed from 1894 through 1917 to more easily store and transport freight to the railroad yards located just to the south via a state of the art system of tunnels, bridges and elevators. All but one of the buildings were designed by local architects, Eames & Young. By the time Cupples 7 was built in 1907, the complex was already nationally acclaimed for its engineering in transporting heavy freight from multiple buildings to the train yards. Only the best long leaf heart was specified to construct the interior heavy timber wood structure with columns as large as 17” x 17”x18’. The 1916 Sanborn map shows that the earliest known tenant was the Graham Paper Company and an undated early aerial photo shows the signage clearly for this company. The same painted sign was still in place up until the time of its demolition earlier this year.

American Timber Salvage acquired all of the timbers from this historic building. They have been cleaned of hardware, graded, inventoried and stacked according to size and ready to ship.